So glad you're here!

Well Hello ! 

I am a Wife of 13 years to my wonderful husband , who is also a Pastor at our church in our rural community. We have 5 boys ages 12 , 9 , 6 , 4 and 2. We also have a male chocolate lab, so I am pretty outnumbered. I fell in love with photography when our first was born because I wanted to capture each moment. From then on the passion has grown into a more rapid hobby to being my profession. I was told a couple years back in Church that I needed to open my own place, but the fear of the steady income not rolling in came the thought how would I pay the bills for the place - fast forward to last winter when it was prophesied over me again that I needed to open a studio. I took it and ran with it not on my own accord but in Faith. He has sustained me and showed me so much in the last month that it is incredible and why did I even doubt in the first place. I do not take one session for granted but give thanks and glory to God for sending each of you all my way and giving me an eye for the session. I am a work in progress in all areas of my life and my dependence lies in The Lord. My hope is that you leave your session with pictures you can enjoy in this season of life and for the remaining days of your life!